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individual language training

individual language training

Individual language tranings are often shorter and more expensive than group tuition.

Why would you therefore decide to organize in-company individual language training?

Many benefits can be highlighted :

1. The teacher focuses on the trainee, on his strenghts and his areas of improvements.
2. The teacher can correct him and explain him as many things as needed without worrying about other students.
3. Topics and subjects are choosen for the trainee only in regards to what he needs and what he is interested in.
4. It allows him to work on what he really needs: a professional project, a job interview, his day-to-day life, etc.
5. Improvements are faster than in group classes.
6. Lessons are really tailor-made!
7. He learns at his own pace.
8. Hard work brings greater rewards! Individual classes are often very intensive.

How to organize private French classes?