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Some tips to learn French in Brussels!

How can I learn French in Brussels?

Here are some tips on learning French in Brussels.

1.Learning a language one hour a week gives few results. Spending 15 minutes a day is great!  In public transport, in your car, at night, when doing sport, etc.

You have plenty of short periods in the day.  You can find a lot of MP3, songs etc. for your iPod.

2. Learn what you need or what you want. Don’t spend your time to learn a  vocabulary list related to science if you are mostly interested  in litterature.  If you need French for day-to-day life, it might be more usefull to be able to shop or to ask for information in the streets than being able to speak about politic and economy.

3. Find your own method.  Grammar is frustrating?  Learn by dialogues.  You find that learning grammar is usefull?  Buy a good grammar book and go ahead!

4. Share your learning with others.  It’s often easier to learn with someone else.  You can choose to have group classesprivate classes.   If you have no time, many schools offer course on line (via Skype, for instance).  You can also choose  for a tandem: find someone who wants to learn your native language and exchange it against his…

5. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes. Speak!  How do you feel when someone speaks your language and makes mistakes?  Do you laugh? No.  You feel happy that this person is interested in your culture and language… It will be the same for you!

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Share with us your tips on learning French (or any other languages!)